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Limited edition of Studio Ceramics 2021

Vague Vessels is part of an ongoing material research on ways to see things through sculpture, material, iterative arrangements and composition. 

Drawing inspiration from contemplative still life paintings and the poetry of familiar kitchen moments, the project is bringing shapes of traditional pottery to an ancient future and exploring their placement in a modernist space. 

Product information:

Bowl N°1 Ø180mm    60 sFr

Bowl N°2 Ø240mm   80 sFr

Made from white porcelain and transparent glazed on the inside, with gentle use of colour, creating a calm and delightful food experience.

Our ceramics are made to order - delivery in Switzerland approximately 14 days.

All ceramics are handmade in our Zurich studio.

Due to the hand-manufacturing process, slight changes are expected, making each of our objects unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Please use the contact form for more informations.

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